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Learning experiences, not boring Power Points!

In a typical professional training course you sit in a meeting room all day listening to lectures or doing workshops, and afterwards you get the stack of power point slides that were shown (including the ones they didn't have time to show). Not fun! In our training programs you get an unforgettable learning experience that will give you the knowledge, skills, and motivation to positively impact your personal and professional performance for the rest of your life. While having fun!

Location based learning

The location of the programs provides an environment and experiences that you can associate all the content with, making the learning much more effective. The city is the classroom and the content is weaved into the many experiences you’ll have in the city. Contrast this with the typical course that is set in a bland classroom or conference room, with a (in most cases) not particularly memorable teacher or audiovisual aids and you’ll understand the difference…

Physical activity enhances your learning capacity

It is scientifically proven that physical activity significantly improves your cognitive capacity, including your learning capacity and creativity. That's why we've built in physical activity as a core component in our programs - starting with a workout session in the morning and continuing with walking around the city for the learning experiences.

The perfect mix of learning methods

The immersion programs focus on coaching and peer learning, i.e. you learn from both the coach and the other members of the group. This means that you are actively engaged all the time. The learnings from the immersion program are then reinforced through follow-up coaching and support through mobile platforms. This helps you practise the key skills in your everyday environment and boost your motivation and knowledge.

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Meet people that will enrich your life!

Our training programs are not just about acquiring competencies and learning things, they are also great opportunities to expand your network with great people that continuously want to perform at the top of their game! Among our participants you primarily find CXOs, sales and business development professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers of people, projects, and products. We actively try to attract an international crowd, initially focusing on Northern Europe, meaning that you are also likely to grow your international network.

A format that breaks the ice

The format of the Training programs accelerates the interaction between the participants. The focus on doing things together - workout sessions, learning experiences, peer-to-peer discussions, discovering the cityscape, etc. - not just sitting and listening, makes people open up much faster and get into meaningful conversations with each other from the start. 

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Complete competencies

The Fit for Business, Fit for Life Training Programs are not just like regular courses where you acquire certain knowledge or specific skills. They convey a complete system that includes the three building blocks of a competence: Knowledge, Skills, and Motivation.

  • The right Knowledge to know what to do

  • The right Skills to do it well

  • The right Motivation to keep doing it over and over again

A complete system to make you Fit for Business, Fit for Life!

Only stuff that really works

The amount of information and advice available in books, websites, forums, conferences, courses, seminars, etc., on the topics we cover in our Training programs is immense. The problem is not lack of information, the problem is choosing what to absorb and how to implement it in your everyday life. For that reason we have ploughed through the information, tried and tested the methods, and made a curated selection of the stuff that actually works and makes a real impact on your performance and quality of life.

Professional and personal development

Through our training programs you get the tools, methods, and mindset necessary to be more effective at work, to improve your health and fitness level, and to lead a lifestyle that balances top professional performance with a fulfilling personal life. This is essential for sustainable top performance for knowledge workers since your personal life heavily influences your professional life and vice versa.

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