• Gustav Notander

The Three Keys to Physical Health

At Scanditerraneo we believe that the best way to be Fit for Business, Fit for Life is to learn the basic principles for how to lead a life that balances top professional performance with a fulfilling personal life, and then applying them consistently in your everyday life.

In the area of your physical health, it really only boils down to understanding and applying the basic principles in three key areas:

  • Diet

  • Physical activity

  • Sleep

These three areas hold the key to your physical health and well-being (and also significantly influences your mental well-being).

Being in good physical health isn't much more complicated than following basic principles like:

  • Primarily eating food that is cooked from basic ingredients without a lot of added salt, sugar, and fat (preferably that you cook yourself), and keeping ultraprocessed food to a minimum

  • Being active in everyday life (walking, cycling, taking the stairs, playing with your kids, etc.) and doing more strenuous exercise (both strength and endurance) at least a few times a week

  • Sleeping 7-9 hours most nights (which is approximately what most people need)

This is not the attention grabbing methods, models, tricks, or hacks that you typically read about on the internet and in magazines, it's just the basic stuff that works for everybody all the time... If you just stick to it!

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