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Fit for Business, Fit for Life!

Fit for Business, Fit for Life

Here's a reality that most of us wake up to:

Your professional life is highly competitive...

You have to perform, you have to be innovative, you have to be creative, you have to be effective, there's no room for slack...

Your personal life is filled with have to's...

You have to exercise, you have to eat well, you have to nurture your relationships, you have to nurture your interests, you have to relax, you have to sleep... but there´s not enough time

This is a potent mix of conflicting expectations and demands in your everyday life, and it's up to you as an individual to deal with it. Like it or not, no one else is going to do it for you and this situation is not going away anytime soon. Sorry.

The reality that most of us would like to wake up to is this:

You meet each day with confidence and energy... ready to face all challenges, ready to seize all opportunities, ready to enjoy life! You have the time and motivation to be open to new ideas, to be curious, to be generous, and to be interested in the world around you.

You feel that you are in control of your time and you are happy with the choices and priorities you make. Sure, you don't get everything done, you don't fulfil everybody's expectations, you're not perfect... but that's OK. Because overall you are doing the things that really matter to you and to the ones who are important in your personal and professional life. And that's why you go through life with high self-esteem, high self-confidence, and integrity.

This is the reality when you are - ”FIT FOR BUSINESS, FIT FOR LIFE”.

So what does it mean to be Fit for Business, Fit for Life?

The word “Fit” has two different meanings:

Fit = Adapted to survive and thrive in a particular environment (physical, social, etc.)


Fit = In good physical condition, in good health

When you apply this dual meaning of ”fit” to your professional life it translates to something like this:

Fit for Business = Up to date with the competencies and mindset necessary to stay ahead of the competition and reach your professional goals

Fit for Business = In physical and mental shape to stay focused and sharp in your professional life

And applying it to your personal life translates to something like this:

Fit for Life = Equipped with the competencies and mindset to achieve your highest possible quality of life

Fit for Life = In physical shape to do everything you want or need to do

Fit for Life = Physically fit for the rest of your life

It's not just about getting fit, it's about staying fit over time

Being fit, as in being adapted to survive and thrive, is not static, it's dynamic. Since the environment is in constant change, the competencies and qualities needed to stay ”fit” in a certain environment also change over time. That's why you have to make a continuous effort to evaluate the need for, and develop, both your current competencies and new ones.

To be Fit for Business, Fit for Life you have to think and act both in the short term and the long term to make sure that you can deliver top professional performance and lead a fulfilling personal life both now and all through the rest of your life.

Fit for Business AND Fit for Life

We strongly believe that being Fit for Business, Fit for Life requires continuous personal and professional development. Your personal life influences your professional life and your professional life influences your personal life, so making sure that you can perform well in both the personal and professional side of life (whatever your definition is of performing well) is paramount to leading a happy and fulfilling life.

A fit mind AND a fit body

We also strongly believe that being Fit for Business, Fit for Life requires both the body and the mind to be in good shape. When you are physically fit, you perform better and you are happier in both your personal and professional life. You are healthier and you have enough strength and endurance to reduce the risk of injuries in all activities in your everyday life. Being physically fit gives you the freedom to do what you want, to never have to say no to things because your body isn't up for it. In short, being physically fit makes you feel good and gives you freedom, and this reflects positively on all aspects of your life.

Our mission at Scanditerraneo is to create experiences that make you Fit for Business, Fit for Life.

Our philosophy is - get the basics right, then just live your life.

Because after all, that’s when you enjoy real quality of life!


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