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"So many people turn to self-help books, blogs, webinars, lectures, courses, etc. to figure out ways to work and live better, but still they struggle. There must be a better way..."


The overarching goal of Scanditerraneo is to help individuals to be Fit for Business, Fit for Life. We do this by creating effective learning experiences and training experiences in core areas that make you Fit for Business, Fit for Life.

The core areas we focus on are:

  • Creativity - How to come up with ideas and solutions to problems.

  • Innovation - How to develop, realise, and successfully take a new idea to the market (where it creates value). 

  • Entrepreneurship - How to identify and make the most of opportunities in business and life.

  • Communication - How to communicate effectively to achieve your desired outcome in every situation. 


  • Effectiveness - How to use your time and resources effectively and efficiently (in that order) to reach your goals. 


  • Continuous development - How to work and live to improve your performance over time. 


  • Dealing with complexity and change - How to understand and deal with the complex and changing environment around you. 

  • Physical fitness and well-being - How to maintain your body healthy and fit.

When you develop and grow key competencies, mindsets, and habits in these areas, you will also be in the best position to use and develop all other domain specific competencies necessary to thrive both personally and professionally.

We believe that lack of knowledge and information is not the biggest problem. There are tons of experts, consultants, models, methods, tools etc. in these areas. The problem is that despite all of this, you don't implement it. Our aim is to bridge this "knowing-doing gap" in all areas relevant to be Fit for Business, Fit for Life and help more people do the right things.

We keep things as simple as possible and always keep in mind that the world is not ideal. Our emphasis is on developing competencies that can be easily implemented in the day-to-day work and life. It may not be the most advanced principles, models, methods, etc. but it's the stuff that actually works for normal people under normal circumstances, i.e. the stuff that actually makes an impact on your performance and quality of life.











My name is Gustav Notander, I'm the founder of Scanditerraneo.

I'm a certified professional coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation, I'm a personal trainer with experience from some of the best fitness clubs in Stockholm, I'm a previous semi-professional ice-hockey player, I'm a business and innovation coach at the best technical university in Sweden, I'm an experienced lecturer and workshop leader that has developed and delivered a number of courses on innovation, entrepreneurship, and start-up business development. 

I'm also a husband and parent of two fantastic little girls, I have a full-time office job and a number of personal and professional side projects. Like most people, I try hard to perform well at work while at the same leading a healthy and happy life outside of work. And just like most people, I do this with varying success...

Unlike most people, I have spent (and love spending) countless hours reading, watching, and listening to all kinds of experts and authorities on how to find better ways of dealing with this situation. I process the information, translate it to my situation, extract the insights, use the methods, experiement with the tools, coach other people to work with it, and expand on the ideas based on my own knowledge and experience.

This has helped me create a set of basic principles, methods, and tools that are effective and simple to implement for knowledge workers like myself, and that actually work when it comes to improving both professional performance and overall quality of life.  

Scanditerraneo is my way of sharing this with you in a creative, fun, and effective way.

Welcome to Scanditerraneo!


I also came up with the name "Fit for Business, Fit for Life" as a way of describing the feeling that I want to create in people. It's a useful term that ties together Scanditerraneo's different focus areas, and I also happen to think it sounds pretty good as a tagline...    


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